Be A Hero

Bone Marrow Fundraiser

We were approached by Noor’s family members to help promote a fundraising dinner held to increase the number of bone marrow registrants in the Canadian Blood Services database. In one day we pulled together a pro-bono social media campaign using hashtags #MatchForNoor and #BeAHero to promote the event happening that weekend. The campaign was a success, helping to raise over $100,000 in funds and increase the donor list by hundreds of people; getting Noor that much closer to finding a match. To learn more about Noor and his fight for a bone marrow transplant, please visit his Facebook page where you can also read about the event.



Facebook – Split tested ads that ran simultaneously during the campaign.

If you would like more information on how you could save the life of any of the thousands of people in need of a bone marrow match, or to learn how else you could be a hero; please visit:


Role: Art Director, Copywriter & Social Media Manager
Agency: Maverick
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