The Brand

Periclase is a forward thinking, Swiss financial company with the soul of a nimble New Yorker. The company manages assets of high-net worth individuals and wanted to set itself apart in an international market; from the many financial companies out there.

The Challenge

Periclase was not like other Swiss financial companies, and needed to stand out against their traditional competitors. The rebranded needed to be modern yet still accepted b existing clients who were used to tradition.

The final logo stands apart from the sea of black, blue and red competitor logos.

The Solution

After some research about competitors brands, we understood one thing — all of them looked the same! Brands who stood the test of time, but identities that were stuck in the past.

We chose colour as Periclase’s point of difference so the brand could break into the market as the new, modern financial institution.

It was hard to choose just one colour.

We paired colour with a strong custom logotype; securing Periclase’s philosophy of individual care as “a cut above”. We literally cut the A out of the logo, leaving the left stroke to represent upward growth and momentum (like their client’s portfolios). The remaining portion of the A was then assigned a unique colour for each employee.

Each employee got a version of the logo with a pop of colour.
We chose Gotham for its strong and open characters, just like the advisors.
What you can’t see here is the surprise pop of colour inside each envelope, customized per client.

The Application

Most financial institutions provide a similar service, with bland advice that feels more generic than personal. Periclase knew they needed to create a new standard for financial services. Everything we chose for their brand was carefully thought out, to be flexible and unique not only per advisor but also per client. Markets can change, and a client’s service should feel just as flexible.

Hand written addresses were displayed on envelopes from the advisor to the client. Again, the advisors could choose the style of letterhead they would send to their clients. The only constant — the logo and contact details.

Agency: Mackie Biernacki
Client: Periclase
Project: Branding
Creative Direction: Steph Mackie + Mark Biernacki
Art Direction: Erica Fontana
Photography: Mackie Biernacki