The Brief

Every two weeks, Roots creates a unique lookbook featuring new arrivals for the season.

The Challenge

During the spring, we needed to promote sweats in a way that was versatile and iconic. Quite the challenge for the warmer months, as our customers usually associate our sweats with cozy cabin weather.

The Selection

As a retail brand, we need a lot of photography for each of our collections so we can rotate stale content. When applying photography on our website, we need to be mindful of which images are being used where and when, as hero images, as cross promotional banners, etc. so a customer’s experience doesn’t show them the same photo five times.

Because my role at Roots allowed me to select imagery for the site, lookbooks and marketing content, I was able to control photography so it wasn’t repetitive. For this particular lookbook, I set aside a number of images from our contact sheets we could use for 2-4weeks.

The Final Look

The photography was bold and emotional, and I wanted to create a powerful lookbook that could speak for itself without much description. Customers should feel how the models felt wearing our iconic sweats, and be inspired to mix their pieces — new and old — for their own unique look.

Agency: Roots HQ
Client: Roots
Project: Visual Design
Design: Erica Fontana