The Brief

As part of Canada 150, Roots launched its “nice” campaign. To help keep customers involved, and showcase some of the best events, product releases and stories, Roots created a nice microsite.

One of the many initiatives Roots created throughout the year was the nice Roots Artspace. Six of Root’s major store were transformed by Canadian artists to reflect what it meant to be a nice Canadian, with a unique window artspace.

After the opening day reveal, photos were shared online via social media and the microsite. I created a digital art “gallery” of photos from the event, with links to artist bios and product lookbooks.

When customers clicked on one of the artist features, content expanded beneath the photo, revealing a photo gallery specific to the artist’s work for the Artspaces and a section about the artist’s inspiration.

Agency: Roots HQ
Client: Roots
Project: Visual Design
Design: Erica Fontana