A Necessary Update

With modern website design becoming the new standard users expect, the original Roots website was well overdue for an update.

As part of the website redesign, the website footer was in need of clearer calls to action, especially for the newsletter signup section, and elevated branding.

The OG Footer

The original design had oddly balanced icons, a contained social media and newsletter signup section and too many typeface styles. The footer was also not coded to be full width which left a lot of white space on either side of the content.

The Update

Desktop layout

The updated design helped keep consistency and brand style. Icons were finessed to have equal visual balance and style (no hand-drawn vs vector icons). Full width of course, the footer also included a background colour to ground the section and separate it from the main content of the site.

Tablet layout
Mobile layout
Hover states of the footer elements

The Final Look

Working with an external agency, we had to make modifications to meet deadlines and technical constraints. Check out the the new footer that is currently live on the site if you visit roots.com

Agency: Roots HQ
Client: Roots
Project: Visual Design
Design: Erica Fontana