Tuned Pale Ale is a special craft beer product that takes a natural social habit — drinking beer with friends — and turns it into an activity. From the shape of the bottle, to the box and beer mats, friends can use every aspect of their four-pack to recreate classic song melodies.

Since the craft beer market was so saturated with other beautifully branded products; we wanted a way to rebrand their image to be more elevated, while still staying true to the USP – music. We created a new logo that plays homage to notes on a scale and strokes around the bottle which act like a staff.

Tuned Pale Ale Inspiraiton

Tuned Pale Ale New versus Old Logo

Tuned Pale Ale Logo Colour Variations

Tuned Pale Ale Fonts

Tuned Pale Ale Icons

Tuned Pale Ale Bottle


Agency: Freelance
Client: Tuned Pale Ale
Project: Rebrand
Art Direction: Erica Fontana

March 13